“The wine has known around 4000 years of systematic cultivation in Crete!"

The history of the vineyard can be traced back to the furthest reaches of time. Seeds of wild vines have even been found in caves inhabited by prehistoric nomadic tribes. Before the ice age, the vine flourished in the polar zone.

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Cretan diet the most typical example of high quality cuisine.

Cretans, admittedly, have the highest longevity rate in the world and the lowest mortality rate from conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

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The Winemakers of Crete, wish you Merry Wine Christmas!

Cheers winelovers!

SOURCE: The Drinks Business7th December, 2017 by Rupert Millar

Archaeologists working in the Roman city of Pompeii have uncovered a stash of beautifully preserved wine amphorae that have lain undisturbed for almost 2,000 years.

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