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Wishes from Wines of Crete

The Winemakers of Crete, wish you Merry Wine Christmas!

Cheers winelovers!

Cretan wine amphorae discovered at Pompei

SOURCE: The Drinks Business7th December, 2017 by Rupert Millar

Archaeologists working in the Roman city of Pompeii have uncovered a stash of beautifully preserved wine amphorae that have lain undisturbed for almost 2,000 years.

New Material from Wines of Crete

“Wines of Crete” created new material for the promotion of the Cretan wines.
The new map and the informational material on the Cretan varieties is on line! 

Wines of Crete in New York or the fifth time.

For the fifth time, the Cretan Winemakers Association – Wines of Crete, organized a unique educational master classes for the Cretan varieties and the Cretan Wines at New York. The master class took place in New York City at the 21st of June at “The Redbury” restaurant with the wine journalist Levi Dalton.

SAVE THE DATE: Wines of Crete in Oslo on the 13th of June

Save the Date OSLO:

“Discover Wines of Crete - The wine land full of flavours and aromas"

 Tuesday 13th of June 2017

Duration: 11:00 - 16:00

Venue: Det Norske Teatret Kristian IV's gate 0 Oslo

 Experience the authenticity of the Cretan terroir in Oslo!

Greek Calendar of Wine events

Want to know where you can enjoy wine events in Greece?

Save the Dates! The Winemakers of Greece have special events all over Greece!

21-28, May, 2017 – DramOinognosia – Winemakers of Drama

27-28, May, 2017 – Wineries with open doors in Greece

17-27, August, 2017 – Oinoxenia – Wines of Peloponnese

Crete goes Prowein

[DE] Kreta Geht auf Prowein


31 Winzer aus Kreta laden Sie ein, “Wines of Crete” zu besuchen, Halle 9, Α 78  auf der Prowein  am 19.-21. März 2017

Treffen Sie 11 Winzer aus Kreta persönlich und entdecken Sie mehr als 130 Weinetiketten.

Erkunden Sie die 11 autochthonen  Rebsorten aus Kreta.

Event Calendar 2017

Save the dates winelovers!

OiNotika the Cretan wine fair: 18-20 of February in Heraklion and on the 4-5 of March in Chania!

Next stop is Athens on the 11-13 of March at Oenorama wine fair!

We will be at the International wine fair ProWein 19-21 of March.

Christmas wishes from Wines of Crete

Happy holidays and many wishes from the bottom of our hearts!The Wines of Crete team

European Wine tourism day

Wines roads of Greece are celebrating European Day of Wine tourism together with the wineries of Europe! We are happy to invite you to visit our wineries and participate to our special activites.

Wines of Crete nominated for Wine Enthousiast Award

Each year, Wine Enthusiast honors the individuals and companies that made outstanding achievements over the past year in the wine and beverage world. Below are the nominees in 15 categories for the 2016 Wine Star Awards.

New Photos from the P.D.O. and P.G.I. areas of Crete

New photos have just arrived in our office! Take a small hint of the Cretan vineyard in areas with the geographical indication of P.D.O. and P.G.I. in Crete.

Stay tuned!

Wine professionals from USA in Crete

After a very successful presence in New York last June, “Wines of Crete” hosted a fam trip on the Cretan wine to three wine professionals from USA, an action funded from European Union and Greece.

Α wine importer, a wine distributor and a manager of a Greek restaurant in USA consisted the American delegacy.

Japanese Wine Proffecionals in Crete

Three wine professionals from Japan, visited the island of Crete, for  a fam trip on the Cretan vineyard and the Cretan Wines. Α wine importer, a sommelier, a manager of restaurants in Japan and Australia, along with Constantinos Suwamoto from the Greek Embassy in Tokyo consisted the Japanese delegacy.

Wines of Crete masterclass in New York

For the fourth time, the Cretan Winemakers Association – Wines of Crete, organized a unique educational master classes for the Cretan varieties and the Cretan Wines at New York.

Wines of Crete in New York

Save the date winelovers!

Wines of Crete, visit New York and organize for the fourth time in a row a unique master class!

22nd of June at the CorkBuzz (Union Square 13E 13th st., New York)!

Time:  10:30 - 12:00

Main speaker: Doug Frost (Master of Wine & Master Sommelier)

Wines of Crete Master class in Oslo

“Wines of Crete” presented a unique master class about the Cretan Vineyard, for the first time in Oslo, Norway.  The masterclass, that took place at the “Det Norske Teatret”, was presented by the oenologist Manolis Stafilakis and the wine writer Nico Manessis.

Crete at the biggest wine fair “Prowein”.

12 winemakers from Crete, participated at the “Prowein” International Trade Fair Wines and Spirits  in Düsseldorf, Germany with the great  support of the Region of Crete on 15-17 March 2016.

Wines of Crete goes to OINORAMA 5-7 March 2016

After by the success of the Cretan Wine fair “OiNotika 16”, sixteen Cretan wineries will participate at the  wine fair “OENORAMA” that will be held this year on  Saturday 5, Sunday 6 and Monday 7 of March 2016 at the Zappeion Megaron Athens. 

The Cretan wine fair OiNotika 2016

The Cretan wine fair OiNotika 2016 is a fact!

Save the date winelovers. Winemakers from all over the island in two big wine events!

We organize for the ninth year in a row a wine fair full of Crete!!!

Two towns in Crete host this year’s OiNotika!

Wines of Crete wishes

May your heart and wine glasses are full & filled with Happiness!
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
The Wines of Crete team

Wines of Crete organized masterclasses at New York and Boston

The Cretan Winemakers Association – Wines of Crete, organized two educational master classes for the Cretan wine at USA.

Wines of Crete in USA

Crete is one of Greece’s largest winemaking regions. The winemakers of Crete (Wines of Crete), organize two master classes that include a tasting and panel discussion of its food-friendly, versatile indigenous grape varietals.

Wines of Crete master classes in China

Two years in a row the winemakers of Crete (Wines of Crete), organized three master classes for the Cretan Wine. The master classes took  place at Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.


克里特岛葡萄酒行业协会为您带来一系列由酿酒师Antonis Ntourakis和Myrsini Archontaki女士主讲的大师班课程。徐伟先生-葡萄酒行业内熟知的葡萄酒小皮,中国著名的葡萄酒讲师,顾问和博客主将共同主持此次大师班。参与者将有机会品鉴克里特岛最古老的葡萄酒与亚洲美食的完美搭配。
时间:12.45 - 14.15
地点:国家会议中心 - Top Wine北京 - 研讨室 2
时间:14.00 - 16.00
地点:上海文华东方酒店 - 2号东方厅

Chinese from Hubei visited "Wines of Crete"

A Chinese government delegacy from Hubei Prefecture (prefecture with more than 60 million residents) visited Crete on the early of September.

“Wines of Crete” at a documentary film at the Chinese TV

«Wines of Crete», hosted executives from the “New Wines of Greece” and the China Central Television (CC TV) & China Business Herald who filmed a documentary about the Greek Wine. “Wines of Crete” organized with the Cultural Association of the village Dafnes, a genuine Cretan fest at the village.

“Wines of Crete” travelled to Shanghai for a Masterclass

“Wines of Crete” travelled to Shanghai to present a Masterclass about the Cretan Vineyard. The masterclass was presented by the Cretan Winemakers and a Chinese wine professional, Mr Wei, also known as Putao Jiu Xiao Pi (from


希腊克里特岛葡萄酒为您带来一场由托普罗修道院酿酒师Manolis Stafilakis先生主讲的大师班课程。徐伟先生,葡萄酒行业内熟知的葡萄酒小皮——中国著名的葡萄酒讲师、顾问和博客主,将共同主持此次大师班课程。参与者将借此特殊机会,品尝由克里特岛最古老的葡萄酒与亚洲美食完美搭配的美味大餐。

地点:上海浦东文华东方酒店 - 地下一层 - 文华厅 I 
日期及时间:7月16日周三下午2点至下午4点 /

“Wines of Crete” at a documentary film at the Chinese TV

“Wines of Crete” travelled to Shanghai to present a Masterclass about the Cretan Vineyard. The masterclass was presented by the Cretan Winemakers and a Chinese wine professional, Mr Wei, also known as Putao Jiu Xiao Pi (from

Wines of Crete at the TOP WINE CHINA

For the first time, “Wines of Crete”, a Cretan - Greek Wine Network participated at the international wine exhibition “Top Wine China” in Beijing, from the 3rd till the 5th of June. Cretan – Greek wines impressed the participants of the exhibition.

Open Wineries 2014

We give you 10 reasons to visit the Cretan Wineries at the 31st of May and the 1st of June:

TRAVEL through the countryside of Crete, and discover the vineyards and the olive groves

TRY the variety of the Cretan Wines

DISCUSS about the 11 indigenous varieties and the vinification process with the wine producers

“Wines of Crete” Showcase for Chinese importers and reporters

During the next days “Wines of Crete” organizes a wine showcase event for Chinese importers and reporters, continuing the effort of promoting the Cretan wines and opening new markets abroad.

Wines of Crete in Top Wine

希腊新一代葡萄酒为您带来一系列由克里特岛委员会葡萄酒主席Nicolas Miliarakis先生与托普罗修 道院酿酒师Manolis Stafilakis先生主讲的大师班课程。徐伟先生-葡萄酒行业内熟知的葡萄酒小皮,中 ;的葡萄酒讲师,顾问和博客主,将共同主持此次大师班课程。参与者将借此特殊机会,品尝由 3酒与亚洲美食完美搭配的美味大餐。
地点:国家会议中心-TOPWINE北京-研讨室一 日期及时间:


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